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Preventative Health & Wellness at Arcadia Veterinary Hospital

Arcadia Veterinary Hospital strongly believes in the power of preventative healthcare and regular examination of your pet is always recommended.

Annual Checkups


When bringing your pet in for an annual checkup, please bring a stool sample to be tested for parasites.

Blood Work


We also advise routine blood work to check your pet for life-shortening conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease.

Glaucoma Screening


Glaucoma screening is recommended for all patients over the age of 7. Some breeds are at risk for glaucoma at an early age and should be getting glaucoma screening beginning at 4 years of age. Some at-risk breeds include beagles, cocker spaniels, greyhounds, and most terrier breeds.

Parasite Prevention


Heartworms, fleas, ticks and worms are all too common in our area. Arcadia Veterinary Hospital’s preventative approach to these common parasites will keep your pet healthy and happy for years to come. Ask for a consultation with one of our veterinary staff, and learn the best ways to protect your pet.



Parvo virus, distemper and feline leukemia are just a few of the often fatal small-animal illnesses that can be prevented by vaccinations. At Arcadia Veterinary Hospital, we can tell you about the recommended vaccinations for your puppy or kitten, and the vaccinations to keep your older dog or cat healthy and happy.

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