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Let Arcadia Veterinary Hospital Answer Your Questions

At Arcadia Veterinary Hospital, we're here to help answer questions you may have about your pets. Below is a list of frequently asked questions we commonly receive from our clients. Please call us if you have other questions.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?
Yes, Arcadia Veterinary Hospital accepts walk-in appointments. However, walk-ins are taken between scheduled appointments and scheduled appointments are given priority. 
What kinds of Discounts & Specials does Arcadia offer?

Arcadia Veterinary Hospital offers several programs designed to help our clients save money while keeping their pets healthy:


  • Multiple-Pet Discount: If you have three or more pets, you can take advantage of Arcadia's "Multiple Pet Discount" program. This program offers a 10% discount on vaccines, spaying and neutering.



  • Annual Rabies Clinic: Each year, Arcadia hosts our annual Rabies Clinic. This week-long event gives our clients the opportunity to get their dog's or cat's 3-year rabies vaccination for only $5 per animal. Dates vary for the clinic each year, so please call us for further details. NOTE: We will post the dates in the weeks prior to the Clinic on our Home Page under the "News & Specials" heading.

Does Arcadia offer Discounts for Seniors ?


Yes. Arcadia Veterinary Hospital offers discounts on select veterinary services for seniors 65 years or older.

Why does My Indoor Cat need Rabies Vaccination?


It's a North Carolina Law that all dogs and cats, whether indoor or outdoor, must have a current rabies vaccination.

Why does My Indoor-only Dog need Heartworm Prevention?

Heartworms come from mosquitoes. It only takes one bite to infect your dog. Don't risk your dog's life by neglecting to protect him from this deadly parasite.

Why is My Pet Always Shaking his Head?

Persistent head shaking may indicate ear infections, allergies, fleas, ear mites or several other undesirable conditions. If your pet is shaking his head or scratching at her ear, they're trying to tell you they're suffering and need to be seen by a vet.

What is Causing My Pet's Diarrhea?

Diarrhea can be caused by many things, including worms, bacteria, change of diet, different treats and even allergies. Be sure your pet is on a parasite preventative and introduce new treats or food gradually. If your pet has diarrhea for more than a couple of days, it is important that they see a veterinarian.

Does My Dog or Cat need to be on Heartworm Preventative all Year?

Yes. Pets in North Carolina can and do get infected by heartworm throughout the year, even during the winter months.

Does My Dog or Cat need to be on Flea & Tick Preventative all Year?

Yes. Fleas and ticks can remain active even during the winter months. To help prevent diseases like Lyme disease, it is important to keep you pet protected year-round.

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