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And Arcadia Veterinary Hospital is the first and only veterinary hospital to offer it in North Carolina!


What Is I-Therm? I-Therm is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment which uses deep penetrating heat to accelerate the healing process.


Key Benefits:

  • Alleviates pain and accelerates healing.

  • Provides rapid neurologic rehabilitation.

  • Enhances the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments.

Focus on Health


The 7 Deadly Truths

about Heartworm in Cats


Heartworm disease is much more common in cats than we once realized—yet there’s no treatment for it. 

We currently do not have any pets available for adoption. Please check back frequently.


Thank you for your interest! 

News & Specials


Parasite Prevalence

in Your Area


Are there parasites in your state or county? Click on the Parasite Prevalence Map below to find out! 

News & Specials


February is 20% off

Dental Month!


Don't miss this great opportunity to save on dental health for your pet! Learn more about the importance of maintaining healthy gums and teeth.  Call us today for an appointment!

Now Hiring

Kennel Assistant

 We are currently seeking a part-time Kennel       Assistant. Please call (336) 775-5700 to apply.

 Age: 21 and older


 Hours: Part-time (evening shifts, weekends, and   holidays)



  • Ability to handle all aggressive animals (cats and dogs)

  • Feeding/watering/walking/cleaning the yard (poop scooping)

  • Able to or willing to learn how to medicate animals

  • Cleaning kennels and cages

  • Cleaning dishes and keeping up with laundry

  • Maintaining cleanliness in kennel

  • Cleaning hospital (sweeping, getting trash, mopping)


**Additional cleaning required**

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